About the Lab

The LBD Life Lab is an interdisciplinary team led by Melissa Armstrong, MD, MSc. This group of faculty, fellows, residents, doctoral students, and study coordinators investigates the spectrum of diseases under the Lewy body umbrella, including dementia with Lewy bodies, mild cognitive impairment due to Lewy body, Parkinson disease, Parkinson disease with mild cognitive impairment, and Parkinson disease dementia. The lab focuses on topics prioritized by individuals with Lewy body dementia and their families, including improved diagnosis, improved interactions with medical teams, quality of life, and end of life experiences. The LBD Life Lab collaborates closely with diverse researchers including neuropsychologists, pharmacists, therapists, imaging (MRI) specialists, and communication specialists.

Team members participating in the LBD Life Lab studies, from trainees to coordinators to faculty members, have the ability to contribute to projects from development through analysis and reporting. Dr. Armstrong encourages team members’ development by providing individualized professional development opportunities and mentorship. The lab uses diverse study methodologies including qualitative research (interviews, focus groups), surveys, longitudinal observational studies, randomized trials, and systematic reviews.

Mission: We study the lived experience of patients with Lewy body dementia and their families, with the goal of maximizing quality of life while researchers seek a cure.